Wally’s Story

This is the story of Wally Washer. Wally was a washing machine that had served his family well over the years.   He enjoyed his family and making sure they always had clean clothes. But, lately he had not been running as well as usual and even suspected he might have a broken part or two.

One day the delivery guys from the big box store showed up. They unhooked Wally, installed a brand-new younger machine in his place, and put him on the delivery truck. Wally had heard what happened to machines that could no longer work for their family… they were destined for the landfill!

We repurpose and recycle

On an average day, we repurpose over 2,000 pounds of metal (about the weight of a car!) and recycle over 1,000 pounds

Instead of going to the landfill, Wally was taken back to one of Guaranteed Appliance’s trained technicians to be refurbished.
He was evaluated, taken apart, and the technician lovingly installed new parts to get Wally completely back to normal. He was then tested to make sure that everything was up to the original standards and he was cleaned to look brand-new.

At this point Wally went on another truck with a lot of other refurbished washers, dryers, stoves and refrigerators that had been through the same process. They were all transported to one of Guaranteed Appliances retail stores.

We stand behind our service

Each appliance is guaranteed for 90 days from the date of purchase

A few days later a nice family with a couple of kids came in and took Wally home with them. They were so happy to get a hard-working, clean machine at a fraction of the price of new.

He was so glad to be back in action washing clothes and taking care of his family.  He was ready for several more years of service and was so glad that Guaranteed Appliance found him instead of going to the landfill.